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An Interview with Melissa Brock of Superchick

If you haven’t heard of Superchick, please take this sentence as a public apology from myself (Amy) and Alex here at cmScene. ;) 

Superchick, or as we know them - Superchic[k] - is a band led by crazy talented sisters Tricia Brock (center) & Melissa Brock (far right). The rest of the band is pretty amazing too! From left to right, Max Hsu, Matt Dally & Dave Ghazarian - pretty cute, huh? ;)

We had the awesome chance to ask Melissa (guitar, vocals) a few questions and below are her answers. If you like what you see, repost this cmScene exclusive interview!

Amy: As a band, what is your favorite genre of music to play and perform together?

Melissa: As a band we all have very different styles of music that we like which is why I think our sound is pretty diverse but if I were to pick one particular style that we all like to play it would probably be rock. 

Amy: What song, lyrically, means the most to the band or a certain member?

Melissa: One Girl Revolution. It was the first Superchick song written and one that we still play live. The point of the song was what the band was about from the start and still are. And that is simply that we are all capable of greatness and that once you find what God has put in your heart to do and be, go for it with all you have.

Amy: You all have been a very successful band for a long time! We remember, however, when you were called Superchic[k] and used the brackets. Was that just for one album or did you take the brackets away to make it easier to type or search for online?

Melissa: In the beginning actually there wasn’t a K and people pronounced the name wrong so we added the k and brackets for emphasis and it stuck. Then eventually because of online searches and such it was taken away but for those true of heart Superchic[k]s there will always be brackets.

Amy: Some bands change members yearly but you all haven’t done this much. As a result, it seems that in interviews or live shows you all have really grown to be a really close family!! What’s it like traveling so many people that you’ve known for so long? Does anyone have any famous road titles like “the mom” or “the family clown”?

Melissa: We definitely are like family. You have to be like that to stay together for 12 years. The only rotating spot in the band seems to be the drummer and I don’t really know why. Maybe it is a drummer thing;). We love our drummer now, Chase, who we have had for about a year and we hope he never leaves. And yes I, Melissa, would be the band mom. I guess Dave would be the dad because he is the one who gives Matt that disappointed-dad look whenever he says something he shouldn’t in an interview.

Amy: What was it like doing your own stunts in the Cross the Line music video?

Melissa: We have always tried to do everything we can on our own- starting with our music in the basement.  So when it came time to do a video like this with wires and flying it only made sense that we would do it ourselves. It was fun and quite the learning experience. I think some of us still have bruises from some of the wires. :)

Amy: Sometimes our society tells us we have to look a certain way. Tricia, you’re always doing something basically incredible with your hair and we think it’s a great way you show creativity and individuality. What advice do you have for young girls about being themselves and being original?

Melissa: Well I can’t speak for Tricia and I don’t do as crazy of things with my hair but…there is a lot of pressure for girls out there to look and be a certain way. Most of the time, it is a very unrealistic idea of what beauty or cool really is. You can chase the path of trying to be something the world says is what you should be but if it is not really who you are then you will end up unhappy. Until you can accept who God created you to be and the beauty he instilled in you, then you will be chasing an empty path. Embrace the beauty that you are.

Amy: “To the girl whose fingers bleed from playing guitar…” Melissa: your guitar skills are awesome! How long have you played guitar and what is it like being the only girl musician in Superchic[k]?

Melissa: I started playing guitar 12 years ago when Max came to me and said that we needed another guitar player. I had 6 months to learn what I needed to know for stage. When we started long ago there really weren’t many girls who played guitar so it seemed like people thought I was cool even if i wasn’t very good just because I was a girl playing guitar. Now, though,  there are so many girls picking up guitars, it is awesome. Keep playing because I will need someone to take my place one day.

Amy: Many of our readers want to be Christian singers and musicians too. What advice does Superchick have for kids/teens that would love to be like you all someday?

Melissa: We have always encouraged people to just find what it is that God has called you to do and do it with everything you have. If that is to sing or be in a band then practice and take every opportunity that is put in front of you, whether that be in school or church or whatever. If you are faithful to God He will put you where he wants you to be.

Amy: What has been the best experience as a band so far?

Melissa: I love meeting people all over the world. We have been so blessed to do this for as long as we have and have been able to go to so many towns all across America. And also to many other countries and meet the most amazing people. Even just this year we were able to play in Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Australia and Brazil is coming up in August!

Amy: What message do you all want to represent/share to your fans through your music and your lives?

Melissa: I think I kind of mentioned it earlier but we truly believe that every person was created for a reason and purpose. There are no mistakes and you can choose to affect the world in a positive or a negative way with the things that you do every day. Even if its as simple as showing love to those around you.

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