August 5, 2010 / 10:11AM

Natalie Grant & The New Little One

It’s a Thinkin Thursday here @ cmScene and boy (girl?) do we have a question for you!

As you may know by her book, tweets or live shows, Natalie Grant (a cmScene favorite!) is married to a guy named Bernie who sings, writes and plays piano. They have adorable toddler twins named Gracie and Bella. And a few months back? She announced that once again, there’s gonna be a new Grant baby! (Congrats!!)

Natalie hosted a poll, that got about 50/50, to see what people thought she was having. With the two options, obviously, being “boy” or “girl.” She even posted random little tweets about it along the way!

"My baby daddy, my bump & me are headed in to the office. Ultrasound in a few. Yeeeee! Excited :)

And shortly after that tweet?? Natalie said…

"Okay….ultrasound went well. And there’s no doubt what they think….. BRING ON THE PINK!"

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